The (P)optimism Shoppe

622 Broadway, Kingston, New York

The (P)optimism Shoppe is our public art studio-gallery-lab 'pop-up' in Kingston, New York.  Although this was initially envisioned as a 3-month pop-up as a part of our O+ Festival collaboration, the community really embraced it, and we decided to extend it indefinitely as a public space where all are welcomed to join in creating positive works of public art, support the artists behind Optimism the (art) movement, and provide suggestions for how and where to brighten the neighborhood through our Happy Spots program.


A makers studio and shop where Kingston makers and community members collaborate to make, share and sell limited-edition Optimism-inspired Happy Spots and INT-O Yellow art, products and projects.


Create a 'collaboration meets retail' platform and venue for artists and community members to produce products that help sustain themselves, UMEWE and the community in which they work and live. 


  • Real-time collaborations, installations, ideations, events, conversations and commerce. 
  • UMEWE and our fellow Kingston arts partners commission local artists across different creative disciples to join in making select works and products for UMEWE's curated lines of collaboratively designed Happy Spot and INT-O Yellow products.
  • Each month, we host 1-2 new artists as a part of our 'artists in residency' program at the Shoppe, ensuring a constant stream of collaboration, generation and diverse perspectives of Optimism at the Shoppe.
  • Proceeds support the artists, UMEWE and the Happy Spot Fund (dedicated to fund future Happy Spots in and around Kingston's Midtown.